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The Converz product suite is an all-in-one plug and play platform designed for use by Event and Trade Show Organizers.  Our range of products allow event and trade show organizers to integrate ready to use API’s to quickly set up , mount and scale several useful  features that can help them sell more and give better experience to their show delegates and exhibitors.

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Everything you need to sell delegate tickets online

With Converz Ticket module, you get a complete workhorse to set up and start selling delegate, conference and visitor tickets online in a matter of minutes.

Create a range of ticketing options, including block buying options for bulk ticket sales to corporates. Create your own registration fields; capture all the details you want. We take care of everything from managing the payment collection to transferring the revenue to you.

Set up different pricing options, early bird as well as issue coupon codes for discounted ticket sales to special groups.

Track and monitor your delegate & visitor ticket sales from your administrative backend.

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Online Event Tickets Booking
Trade Event Meet

Facilitate B2B meeting at your next trade show

With Converz Meet Module, you can provide your delegates, visitors and exhibitors the facility to pre-arrange b2b meetings with trade buyers and sellers before they even come to the show!

Allow your exhibitors and delegates to schedule meetings, send messages, and optimize their show visit. Exhibitors benefit from being able to better project likely meetings and trade show visitors know exactly who they will be able to meet much before they fly down to attend the show

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Register, Track and Capture essential show data in real time

Converz Tap N Track   allows you as the show organizer the perfect blend of technology and on-ground solution that captures visitor traffic data at every point at the event. Using RIFD and NFC technology driven data capture and dissemination devices, capture critical visitor traffic information for show management becomes that much easier.

From the time a visitor registers to the time you compile your visitor traffic data, you get all the data available at the touch of a button on your dashboard.

Visitors can also use our on-ground devices to buy refreshments and any show product on the spot. This could be highly useful for trade shows where your exhibitors are selling products to visitors!

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Real Time Event Tracking
Convert Event visitors into customers

Engage & convert visitors into customers at the booth

Extend your exhibitor booth experience at your show by providing them with our Converz Booth – the single device that works as both as visitor engagement & tracking device as well as a sales terminal.

Using powerful RIFD and NIFC technology, exhibitor booths are equipped with our on-ground devices that allow them to quickly create engaging conversations with booth visitors the minute anyone enters the booth.  From sending welcome messages to emails to allowing visitors to download brochures, the Converz Booth provides your exhibitors the much needed tool to convert visitors into customers

The Converz Booth also doubles up as a sales device allowing visitors to easily buy things on the spot using their RIFD/NFC visitor tags. Your exhibitors not only get instant payment, but also full customer details previously captured by our system

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Fully customizable Event show app with Converz App

Integrated into the entire system is our Converz App that is available for all visitors to download and use during the show.  From making instant bookings at paid tracks to blocking seats at free conferences to navigating themselves through the exhibition arena, the Converz App gives them unmatched flexibility and ease of use

Customized with your show details, as a trade show organizer, you get a fully functional event app in a matter of hours as opposed to a few months building one!

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Converz App

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